What's a Co-op?

What is a housing cooperative?

A housing cooperative, or a co-op, for short, is an incorporated, non-profit association that owns housing for its members. The members are people who want to live in a mixed-income community where they have a voice and a vote in decisions affecting their housing. Co-op housing is a home, not an investment.

How do I apply to the Four Mile Heights Housing Co-op?

Please note that we are currently (August, 2019) changing our application procedure and will post our new application form soon.

What is a housing subsidy?

Non-profit housing co-ops receive money from the government (federal and/or provincial) to help the co-op subsidize a certain number of housing units. The housing charge for these units is adjusted to the income of the household. If a household qualifies for a subsidy, their housing charge is usually set at 25-30% of the household’s income plus charges for utilities.

What are my responsibilities as a co-op member?

1) Buy shares in the co-op; 2) Pay a monthly housing charge; 3) Attend member meetings; 4) Participate in running the co-op (i.e. join a committee or the board)